Tuesday, December 25, 2018

P Unlisted 2018 RM10 ZD Replacement Muhd Ibrahim Malaysia Rare!

A special feature about modern Malaysian banknotes is that no matter how short or long the tenure of the Governor was, there will be surely an issue which will be scarce as due to whatever reason, it's issued quantity will be of a limited quantity.

According to the grapevine, this ZD Replacement is a scarce issue due to its limited quantity issued as apparently it only came from several prefixes while other subsequent prefixes already contain the much more common ZE Prefix & according to the same grapevine, as such it's moot to delve into the hypothesis whether the ZD Prefix might come out in containers' quantities.

There sure must be some truth in that as indeed this ZD as per signed by this Governor is not often sighted and it's quite hard to find it running numbers.

Friday, November 9, 2018

P 19a 1981 One Ringgit Malaysia 100 Pieces Uncirculated

A fresh stack of 100 running pieces of the 1 Ringgit Replacement issue issued in 1981 as catalogued as P 19a.
A rather unsual stack as it's almost in fresh, virginal & pristine condition even though it was issued almpst 40 years ago.
And furthermore they bear the serial numbers of BA06, which are the last serial numbers of this Replacement series.
This great stack of obsolete numismatic papers has been consigned for auction & will be appearing in one of the auction houses' auctions in Hong Kong next year.

Wednesday, October 10, 2018

P 2a Oceania Japanese Occupation 1 Shilling ERROR With Extra Paper

A so-called 1 Shilling defective banknote from a defunct nation known as Oceania under the Japs during World War II as catalogued as P 2a by Pick.
A somewhat unusual note due to the excess paper found at the upper top-left edge & also with the bottom margin of the Obverse shifted down, all the way down, while the Reverse's entire design seems to be rather intact.
There has been quite a number of error banknotes found on JIM notes issued under Malaya, but most of them are not with excess paper or a 'fish tail.'
Apparently, not many Oceania's notes have defects as one seldom do see them either up for sale or been shared online, esp. one with this excess ugly piece of paper.
Above it all, for numismatics' purists, this piece of obsolete numismatic paper is in Uncirculated condition.
And it has yet to be chemically cleaned!

Sunday, October 7, 2018

Malaysia P.46 10 Ringgit Number 1 to 10 Uncirculated

10 Consecutive Pieces of the 10 Ringgit Malaysian note catalogued as P46 by Pick, bearing numbers 1 to 10 & the Prefix of PM.
These are not really scarce pieces of numismatic papers as lots of these have been surfacing all these while & one can see them popping up often in auctions as well as moneyshows.
Some good folks have indicated that the prefix of PM is rather unusual & but what is so special about this prefix of PM as at most, PM stands for 'Private Message', that's all.
Anyway, this set had already been long consigned for auction and hopefully, it will/can be sold, & as such, don't PM to enquire if it is still/for sale.

P/s If they can't be sold, then, they will be sent to PCGS, to be duly encapsulated, authenticated & graded & thereafter, will be marketed via private auction again.

Tuesday, October 2, 2018

Japanese Occupation Oceania P.1B Half Shilling Block OA PMG EF 45

A Half Shilling note from Oceania under the Japanese Occupation period with the Block Letters of OA as catalogued by Kraus as P.1B & also catalogued by Schwan Boling as SB2212A but unfortunately, this is a low grade note. 
Wishing for a long time to upgrade to a PMG 66 one as grapevine has it that someone Down Under has it. So, if you have it, raise your hand & say what price that you want! Everyone has a price, as such, don't say it's NFS!
Also looking for the Block Letter of OB got this Half Shilling issue and wouldn't mind starting from a lower grade one as a start.

Friday, September 28, 2018

Malaysia P.33A 500 Ringgit 1995 Ahmad Don PMG AUNC 58

2 Running pieces of the 500 Malaysian Ringgit note catalogued as P.33A, issued in the mid & towards the late 90s, but unfortunately, this is just an ordinary issue as the quantity issued was rather huge & even its serial numbers is kind of huge, not with many zeroes which signify the low quantity printed.
As this 500 deno has long been demonetised, some folks are getting sentimental to this piece of numismatic paper & for the younger folks who were not even born then, these are something they do not know even existed.
This is not a rare issue. 
However, me too have got into the world of sentimentalism & as such, I would like to buy a few pieces of this issue so that my grandkids would not only know such a big deno existed but also know how it actually looks like.
Do contact me if you have this 500 Ringgit note with you & if you wish to sell it. Please don't exchange them at your local money changer!

Monday, September 24, 2018

2018 Pick Unlisted RM5 Polymer First Prefix & Low Numbers BL Malaysia

3 pieces of the 5 Ringgit Polymer note with the First Prefix of BL & the rather low numbers of BL 0000222,333 & 777, duly authenticated & graded by PMG, but still Unlisted as per Pick. Wonder what will be the last prefix as the Governor who signed on these 3 pieces is now no longer the Governor? Also, wonder if these 3 pieces will be valuable or otherwise? Maybe, some Malaysian numismatics experts out there could shed a little bit of their expert light on this.
There have been queries from readers as to items featured herein are for sale or otherwise?
Yes, they are indeed for sale.
Any enquiries do send to: Malayapapermoney@gmail.com