Monday, September 24, 2018

2018 Pick Unlisted RM5 Polymer First Prefix & Low Numbers BL Malaysia

3 pieces of the 5 Ringgit Polymer note with the First Prefix of BL & the rather low numbers of BL 0000222,333 & 777, duly authenticated & graded by PMG, but still Unlisted as per Pick. Wonder what will be the last prefix as the Governor who signed on these 3 pieces is now no longer the Governor? Also, wonder if these 3 pieces will be valuable or otherwise? Maybe, some Malaysian numismatics experts out there could shed a little bit of their expert light on this.
There have been queries from readers as to items featured herein are for sale or otherwise?
Yes, they are indeed for sale.
Any enquiries do send to:

Wednesday, September 19, 2018

1945 P. M5a $1 Japanese Invasion Money of Malaya With Serial Numbers

An unusual running pair of the Malaya JIM banana note $1 series with Serial Numbers & prefix of MA & which have been graded by PMG as Choice UNC & AUNC respectively.
A rather high grade unusual in running numbers & apparently, at PMG 64, it's the highest grade as per the PMG's Pop Report as only 3 pieces listed at 64 so far.
And despite the passage of time, these JIM notes still look fresh & in their original condition, a rather unusual thing as esp. most of this P.M5a issue are found in VG condition & at best, in VF 35 condition.
Will be willing to consider letgo-ing these if the price offered reflects their scarcity.

Sunday, September 16, 2018

Dear Readers,

I am still interested in purchasing banknotes from Malaysia & British Malaya (Malaya, Straits Settlements, Sarawak & Britidsh North Borneo).

If you have any for sale, please send me an email & your contact number at:

For those who have offered & have been offering various banknotes to me for purchase, thank you very much for the transactions that we have had, thank you!

Saturday, May 6, 2017

P43d 50 Ringgit Solid Numbers JJ3333333 Malaysia

A one year hiatus in far flung Timbuktu mining salt is not what every ordinary mortal could do but lookee, it has been done but of course, it's no cause for extreme gloating, but there's no harm for some slight gloatable laughs.

A 50 Ringgit banknote with the rather gloatable Solid Numbers of 3 & the double prefix of JJ & this note has made itself way back all the way from the very buoyant numismatic scene in Timbuktu.

Is this a so-called Super Solid banknote that some 'experts' have labelled such notes as such? Is this a gloatable banknote worth having a slot in one's cramped album? Yours truly the evergreen neophyte would be glad for some learned enlightenment from the learned gentle folks out there!

But what is sure gloatable is that it has been properly & professionally graded as a 68 out of a max score of 70 by none other than highly respected American numismatics experts, PCGS Currency.

How many 11th Series Malaysian 50 Ringgit Solid Numbers banknotes have been graded as 68, how many??? 68 is already almost perfect 10, yes, a Bo Dereklike perfect 10 & as such, there is cause for a numismatic gloat if one so desires to gloat...

Monday, September 5, 2016

P 23 1940 One Dollar Sarawak PMG EF 45

An obsolete but rather important piece of Malaysian numismatic paper carrying only a lowly fair value of One Dollar issued way, way back in 1940, but still having its rather unique eye-appeal of striking conifer-green hue dominating its surface in entirety.

To those who are experts in the numismatic papers issued by the nation of Sarawak just prior to World War 2, they would know that 1940 is a key-date, esp. to the one bearing a face value of $1.

But of course, according to many, many serious collectors, who these days call themselves the so-called numismatists, the key date to this $1 issue is actually the one issued in 1935. Maybe, they could be true as after all what they might lack in knowledge, they could make it up in numbers & who is one to say one party is right & the other one is wrong. Such a discussion should be left for another different time on another different day, perhaps.....

Thursday, September 1, 2016

P 1a 1945 Oceania Block Letters OA Half Shilling Japanese Invasion Money PMGed

A rather high grade 1/2 Shilling Japanese Invasion numismatic paper from the so-called now defunct entity called Oceania which looks unmistakebly like a strong EF note but now only graded as a lowly VF 35 by the esteemed numismatic experts, PMG.

But  it's just one of those things whereby an EF note is graded as VF as we are not experts, we are merely small-time, part-time amateur anchovies-in-the-ocean collectors. Would one make noise if a raw note bought as EF and then subsequently graded as AUNC 58 EPQ by PMG?! It's just one of those things, sozusagen.

But the question is why bother getting this all-common lowly JIM note graded, as there is nothing therein gloatable or crow about, esp. gradewise, as most serious numismatic buggers are targetting grades like PMG 68 & above these days, the higher the better? And also the Block Letters of OA is the all-common one as everyone or almost everyone knows OC is the Block Letters that every serious collector desires. Maybe it's one of those "I want to complete the set" things, perhaps...

Tuesday, August 30, 2016

P 49a 2007 50 Ringgit Low Numbers AA 0000013 PMG Superb Gem UNC 67 EPQ

A commemorative Malaysian 50 Ringgit numismatic paper that left the printers about 10 short years ago that has been making waves thereafter, purportedly due to its so-called "low mintage" by the all learned collectors, as after all, all if not all of the numismatic collectors are very smart and highly intelligent folks, who normally buy very low and more often than not, sell or rather sold the highest.

Of course the numismatic junk that's featured today is not of a gloatable material as all Smart Alecs know so well, 13 is not a good number; this number ain't gonna bring no lots of luck or prosperity for its associated with that particular Friday of that particular month.

Of course, the ever reliable grapevine has it that some small-time collector living in a rather remote hamlet has the all desired sassy, hottie AA0000001 piece, but apparently she doesn't want to sell despite an offer of 100 hundred thousand Yankee Dollars being dangled in front of her as she prefers to hand it down to her great grand-daughter. Not a bad idea as it could be worth a million dreamy bucks by then, perhaps....