Tuesday, August 30, 2016

P 49a 2007 50 Ringgit Low Numbers AA 0000013 PMG Superb Gem UNC 67 EPQ

A commemorative Malaysian 50 Ringgit numismatic paper that left the printers about 10 short years ago that has been making waves thereafter, purportedly due to its so-called "low mintage" by the all learned collectors, as after all, all if not all of the numismatic collectors are very smart and highly intelligent folks, who normally buy very low and more often than not, sell or rather sold the highest.

Of course the numismatic junk that's featured today is not of a gloatable material as all Smart Alecs know so well, 13 is not a good number; this number ain't gonna bring no lots of luck or prosperity for its associated with that particular Friday of that particular month.

Of course, the ever reliable grapevine has it that some small-time collector living in a rather remote hamlet has the all desired sassy, hottie AA0000001 piece, but apparently she doesn't want to sell despite an offer of 100 hundred thousand Yankee Dollars being dangled in front of her as she prefers to hand it down to her great grand-daughter. Not a bad idea as it could be worth a million dreamy bucks by then, perhaps....

Monday, August 29, 2016

P.23 1983 Malaysia WA Replacement 50 Ringgit Rather Rare PMG Uncirculated 65 EPQ

Not sure if it's true or not but according to a self-anointed numismatic sifu, this Replacement issue is a rather rare piece in such a condition, namely, in an uncirculated condition, regardless if it has been graded 63 or 64 or 65 or sixty what by respected third party grader, PMG.

The  above could very, very true as according to the well-referred PMG's Population Report, only 63 pieces have been graded so far & the highest of which, is 66. None graded at 67, 68, 69 or even the very desired & the all superlative PMG 70.

And apparently, according to this sifu, most of this Replacement are in so & so sub-standard condition & in fact, it's hard to get one in UNC Condition, according to him still.

Such talk cannot be dismissed & could very well hold water as one cannot see any piece with PMG 65 or even 66 on sale on any internet platform currently. Perhaps, only in a big, grand yearly auction like Spink could one see one of such nice grade being put up for sale.

Thursday, May 5, 2016

1st March, 1921, 50 Cents British North Borneo

A big piece of uniface numismatic paper measuring 173mm X 90mm from the now defunct state which called itself The British North Borneo Company issued almost 100 long years ago.

And there's nothing to crow about as the grade of this old numismatic paper is only About Very Good to Very Good & as such, it doesn't meet the strict criteria to appear in the PMG's highly respected Population Report as after all, an About VG grade is considered quite low of the low if one were to refer to the much used & well respected Sheldon 70 scale.

There's no doubt that some very discreet and down to earth low profile Sifu has this particular note in UNC Condition, but, as usual, such low profile individuals would like to keep things as low profile as possible as after all, one doesn't get princely paid for being so-called high profile or whatever that means.......

Saturday, April 30, 2016

P.9 1972 10 Ringgit Solid Number 222222 Malaysia

It's rather unfortunate that this banknote doesn't bear the all desirable & prosperity desired & flavored serial numbers of 888888 & the PMG score of 68 & above that so many self-anointed numismatics purists would have wanted.

So, as such & without any shadow of a doubt & as sure as the sun would rise in the east, this note is not worthy of any gloating rights nor does it deserve any numismatic limelight anywhere, anyhow.

With a Solid Number of neither here nor there & from an insignificant 2nd Series release & to make matters a bit worse, it only got a PMG score of a lowly 65 instead of at least a 68, or even a 69 or best of all a 70, that all numismatic purists would only embrace, this banknote is of no importance to the numismatics scene not can it command a handsome price in the hollywoodian-like numismatic market as most collectors today only desire a banknote graded as PMG 70 preferably, even if that particular banknote is just an ordinary one that you would normally find in your girlfriend's wallet.

Saturday, April 9, 2016

P.55 BG Last Prefix 100 Ringgit Note Malaysia

Pursuant to a post made on the 6th day of February recently, it was mentioned here that the so-called Last Prefix for this RM100 deno Series is the prefix of BE, but it is now being solemnly & gloomily hereby announced that actually events have superceded the prefix BE & BE is not indeed not the Last Prefix as per therein mentioned.

A very, very Good Numismatic Samaritan has kindly pointed out that the Last Prefix for this P.55 100 Ringgit deno is actually the Prefix of BG & apparently this Prefix of BG is currently much sought after as it closes the book for the RM100 deno series sozusagen.

And the usually unreliable grapevine has it that so-called very serious numismatists are willing to pay 50% more than the face value for this BG prefixed note for their collections. This could be true as very few UNC pieces have been so far found.

Could it be that the BG is not completed printed in its entirety & the consequences of which is its scarcity in the fabulous & fantastic world of numismatics?

And could it be BG is indeed the true-blue Real McCoy Last Prefix for the RM100 deno or could there be other prefixes so far yet to discovered? For the non-paranoid, it's a safe bet that BG is indeed the last of the last of the prefixes for the RM100 deno, indeed........

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

ZB 0001733 RM1 Replacement PMG 65 EPQ Malaysia

It's amazing what 3 years can do to turn an ordinary banknote into something scarce & of course, the Malaysian RM1 ZB Polymer Replacement is the current star of the Malaysian numismatics' universe.

A UNC piece 3 years ago was considered very expensive then, but a miserable well-circulated VF piece today that's being sold at a crazy price is considered cheap.

But of course the piece herein featured is nothing much to trumpet about after all, despite it's polymer in nature, and as such its perfectness, its pristineness & its UNCness, are never in question but it's still only got a lowly PMG 65 score from leading banknotes' grader of the world, PMG. And for a polymer note to get 65 is considered not good as polymer is perfect, as good as a Bo Dereklike perfect 10, but nonetheless it got a 65.

Had it got a PMG 68 or PMG 69 like it's currently en vogue in the Malaysian numismatic world, surely, it could have secured a place in this coming fall's Spink auction in Singapore and possibly, or rather most probably, could have created a new record of sorts for the price chartered, as the note is not as rare as its grade itself, namely, the all-desired & yearned-for PMG 69 or even PMG 70*!

Saturday, February 6, 2016

P.55 BE Last Prefix 100 Ringgit Malaysia

With regards to the current non-stop speculation about the respective Last Prefixes of the current Malaysian banknotes, apparently, grapevine has confirmed strongly that the Last Prefix for the RM100 series is none other than the Prefix of BE.

In fact, many numismatic dealers in Kuala Lumpur are already hoarding these BE notes as they know they will be very valuable in the foreseeable future as the Last Prefix always carries a hefty premium as far as Malaysian banknotes are concerned.

No wonder, it's so freaking hard to even find a piece of this RM100 BE prefixed banknote as news travels fast & the BE notes are being hoarded by these intellectual numismatics dealers who are now only always in the know but who also have very, very deep pockets.....