Wednesday, October 10, 2018

P 2a Oceania Japanese Occupation 1 Shilling ERROR With Extra Paper

A so-called 1 Shilling defective banknote from a defunct nation known as Oceania under the Japs during World War II as catalogued as P 2a by Pick.
A somewhat unusual note due to the excess paper found at the upper top-left edge & also with the bottom margin of the Obverse shifted down, all the way down, while the Reverse's entire design seems to be rather intact.
There has been quite a number of error banknotes found on JIM notes issued under Malaya, but most of them are not with excess paper or a 'fish tail.'
Apparently, not many Oceania's notes have defects as one seldom do see them either up for sale or been shared online, esp. one with this excess ugly piece of paper.
Above it all, for numismatics' purists, this piece of obsolete numismatic paper is in Uncirculated condition.
And it has yet to be chemically cleaned!

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