Saturday, April 9, 2016

P.55 BG Last Prefix 100 Ringgit Note Malaysia

Pursuant to a post made on the 6th day of February recently, it was mentioned here that the so-called Last Prefix for this RM100 deno Series is the prefix of BE, but it is now being solemnly & gloomily hereby announced that actually events have superceded the prefix BE & BE is not indeed not the Last Prefix as per therein mentioned.

A very, very Good Numismatic Samaritan has kindly pointed out that the Last Prefix for this P.55 100 Ringgit deno is actually the Prefix of BG & apparently this Prefix of BG is currently much sought after as it closes the book for the RM100 deno series sozusagen.

And the usually unreliable grapevine has it that so-called very serious numismatists are willing to pay 50% more than the face value for this BG prefixed note for their collections. This could be true as very few UNC pieces have been so far found.

Could it be that the BG is not completed printed in its entirety & the consequences of which is its scarcity in the fabulous & fantastic world of numismatics?

And could it be BG is indeed the true-blue Real McCoy Last Prefix for the RM100 deno or could there be other prefixes so far yet to discovered? For the non-paranoid, it's a safe bet that BG is indeed the last of the last of the prefixes for the RM100 deno, indeed........

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