Saturday, January 30, 2016

P.39 One Ringgit 10 Millionth Note 10,000,000 Malaysia PMG 68 EPQ

It's certainly nothing but pure wonkish hogwash to say that esteemed & leading third party numismatic paper grader, PMG, does not grade Malaysian banknotes bearing the 10 Millionth Serial Number.

That's not true as can be hereinattested as 2 copies of such notes with 2 different fonts have been very, very recently properly & professionally graded by PMG, with one piece even given a pedestal-high grade of PMG 68, which is a sky-high score for a 10 millionth note of this series, certainly an ONLY piece with such a score & most certainly will remain so until the end of time.

The second piece with a different font variety also was professionally & properly checked & graded by PMG & was given a rather respectable score of PMG 66 & there's no shame in getting a 66 score certainly as it's not every Sunday that one gets a 68 score & of course, when one gets a 68 score or higher, there's no shame to indulge in some self-gloating as after all, there's a cause to indulge, there's a cause to gloat.

A picture paints a thousand words, so a famous chap once said & the duly PMG graded notes here proof that Malaysian 1 Ringgit notes from the P.39 series with the serial numbers of 10,000,000 are gradeable by PMG and as such, don't hesitate to send such similar banknotes to be graded & in one shot to be for posterity encapsulated so that such notes can be for posterity protected in PMG's high quality Mylar encapsulation.

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