Friday, November 6, 2015

P.39 1 Ringgit Serial Numbers 10 Million Malaysia

2 pieces of old papermoney previously used & as catalogued by Pick as P.39 with the Last Serial Numbers of 10 Million, meaning, representing the last notes of those particular prefixes and getting a respectable score of PMG 66 from esteemed 3rd party grader, PMG, but, of course, there will be endless cause to gloat about if the scores were to be a perfect score of perfect 10.

So, as such, there is no justifiable cause to gloat about, first because of the respectable but low score of PMG 66 & second, since so many prefixes were printed right from AA to YZ & then from AAA to AGP, there are so many pieces of such 10 millionth notes all over the place and many among them, some could possibly be graded by PMG as PMG 70, as after all, there could be some priceless perfect & diamond in the rough gems amongst them.

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