Saturday, August 8, 2015

P44 100 Ringgit Solid Numbers 8888888 Malaysia

And of course, this rather common banknote as catalogued as P44 according to Pick is all too common but with a rather not-so-common serial numbers of 8888888 and which should please a certain particular segment of the population in the Far East as such a number could finally bring them the ass-luck that they have been waiting for all this while.

And during a recent much hyped numismatic discussion among the great Malaysian numismatic Sifus (yes, that's a capital 'S', mind you) that took place with all the numismatic hoi polloi, the topic of 'prosperous' serial numbers of banknotes was broached & Solid 8 did obtain a solid two-thirds majority consensus among all those present that it indeed is a number most commonly desired in the affluent bon chic bon genre world of numismatics & reliably & apparently, there is a very young but rich collector who is looking for this P44 note with the Last Prefix bearing the Solid 8 Serial Numbers & of course, the concerned banknote is DC 8888888 & apparently, this collector has a very, very, very deep pocket and would pay anything if any big time dealer(d) out there could get hold of this note for him.

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