Monday, June 8, 2015

12 Not Running Pieces RM1 Solid 8888888 Malaysia Almost AUNC

Numismatic collectors in nearby Hong Kong give priority to banknotes bearing the Solid Numbers of 8888888 as these are apparently, but not yet scientifically proven, prosperous numbers which will, also yet to be, until now, scientifically proven, bring immense prosperity to its owner or even it's co-owner and/or his entire family tree and/or clan.

But in all honesty, as far as these notes from the Malaysian 11th series are concerned, is it worth all the gloat, or even crowing or even shouting or trumpeting as you don't really need to get an 'A' from Further Mathematics in your GCE 'A' Levels to know that there's hell of a farking lot of these Solid 8s from the entire series starting from the Prefix of AA to YZ & from AAA to AGP, & most probably, there could be 800 pieces or more. 800 pieces is hell of a farking lot in the numismatic world, if you care to consult all those well-known numismatic sifus.

As such, paying a bomb for such prosperity-bringing notes is nothing but self delusion. In fact, it would be better to collect Reverse-Go-Astern or rather, Reverse Ladder Numbers, ie, 7654321, as this one is much lesser in the market & as such, more likely to bring its owner profused prosperity & wealth.........

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