Saturday, October 19, 2013

Malaysia 2012 $100 PMG 63 EPQ

***It's beyond the dark shadow of doubt that anything that gets above PMG 64 EPQ should be considered as excellent pieces of numismatic paper, esp. those printed in the 60s, 70s & 80s, as it's never easy for these 30 & 40 year-old notes to maintain their original pristine condition after all these years into order to get high grades from the leading world class banknotes grader, PMG.
And this is especially so proven that these recent less than a year-old banknotes from the recently concluded 11th Malaysian Series also couldn't get a 64, not  to mention a 67, as due to the high standards practised by PMG, they could only get a lowly 63.
And it's no wonder that anything that's highly graded by PMG usually commands special premium in the numismatic market as the buyer can buyer confidently without having doubts about the notes' grades as compared to a raw ungraded ones.

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