Friday, August 9, 2013

Malaysia 1981 $1 Prefix L/70

***A piece of banknote issued 30 solid years ago and a piece that's of nothing to shout about as it is not in very good condition, as it's in About Fine Condition or to make it simpler, it's almost Fine condition, almost there but not yet in Fine Condition, but of course, sellers have their own set of rules when it comes to grading and this note could be graded by them as About EF, EF or even in UNC Condition.
Also nothing special with its serial numbers nor its prefix because it if has a Prefix of 'AA', at least we know that it's the First Prefix and as such, would carry multiple premiums for having had the First Prefix, but with a Prefix way, way down the lengthy line, who freaking cares actually as there are more things in life to keep one amused.

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