Sunday, June 2, 2013

Malaysia Error 2012 5 Sen Coin Doubled Die Obverse DDO

***And as far as Malaysian error coins are concerned, many come in very dramatic forms, with multiple unbelievable strikes, ridiculous double strikes of different years and ridiculous mules, but of course, by now, most, except the neophytes, know that these are nothing but so-called assisted-errors - real, bona-fide errors that have had a humanly helping hand and/or hands!
And, now we have a 'new' type of errors surfacing of late in the form known as 'Post Mint Jobs.' Look at one, use your grey matter and you would know what a Post Mint Job is.
The more dramatic the error is, mostly probably, they are humanly assisted, either inside the mint or outside or both.
'Believable errors' for Malaysian coins are mostly in the forms of double strikes, off-centre strikes, uniface strikes or doubled die errors.
And this 5 sen coin does have some nice doublings at the 'tower' of the top & at the top's strings.
According to the owner of this coin, he got it from the Sunday flea market up North known as the SP Plaza Pasar Lambak and what a good find.
By the way, could a Doubled Die error coin be humanly assisted and/or a post mint job? Very unlikely, otherwise, there would be a deluge of these online & offline.
But since there is still a huge market for assisted errors & Post Mint Jobs' errors, the factories producing these would surely continue to be busy as the proverbial saying of a sucker being born every second seems to ring true.

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