Friday, April 26, 2013

Malaysia 1984 $1000 PMG AU55 & PMGAU58 EPQ

***One thing to freaking remember when one sends banknotes to PMG for 'slabbing' is always never to be ever so freaking cocksure that one would always get high grades as after all, many so-called 'numismatists' out there practically know next to nothing about banknotes grading for they usually have got their marbles wrong.
When a banknote is in VG condition, these dungu 'numismatists' would grade that particular banknote as VF & when that banknote is VF, it would be graded as EF or even EF++++ by such dungus.
You can cheat your poor selves & be cheap-thrilled by all these crap, but you can't fool PMG because PMG is independent & not affiliated to any vested interests numismatically & that's why all highly graded banknotes from PMG always carry hefty premiums.
Of course, Sir Raymond Chang was again doggone disappointed as he had expected these 2 banknotes to at least be graded in the PMG 64 range, but as usual, it came back lower than his usual cocksure high expectations and of course, these 2 banknotes  didn't make the cut into his so-called 'Sir Raymond's Collection.'
Last heard, these 2 banknotes were consigned to one clown up north to be sold at the very famous, bustling & popular flea market known as the SP Plaza Pasar Lambak.

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