Saturday, April 6, 2013

Malaysia $1 Solid Numbers ABB 8888888 PMG Super Gem UNC 67 EPQ

***Even though this banknote has been graded as so-called Super Gem UNC 67 EPQ by world renown independent third party banknotes grader, PMG, what actually is there to crow about as after all, there are so many banknotes from all over the universe which had been similarly graded as 67.
If one can strike PMG70, then, there is cause to crow & gloat about as that's after all a perfect 10 score, a note perfect in all ways....
PMG 67 is no big deal. In fact, even scores like PMG 68 & PMG 69 are no freaking big deal.
After all, there is a saying that one must reach for the stars & as such, getting the score of PMG 70 is the mother of all stars to reach & PMG 67 is a plain old ordinary score...........

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