Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Malaya Japanese Invasion Money $1 MA 717736

***And yet another piece of worthless and useless piece of paper courtesy of the freaking Japs and their deeds of the '40s and this piece is from the Monetary Vault of none other than the Malaysian numismatic Big Brother, His Venerable, Sir Raymond Chang.
What could have this banknote bought during the hyperinflation period of the Japs in Malaya? A miserable banana perhaps, or just a stick of fag?
According to unverified accounts, the great grandfather of Sir Raymond had a container load of these $1 banknotes, all of which came with Serial Numbers, but sadly, much had been burnt in a big bonfire to celebrate the then Japs' defeat  and subsequent departure but 3 bricks were wisely kept as souvenirs and these are now safely in Sir Raymond's monetary vault.
And again according to the same unverified sources, these 3 bricks would be put up for auction in this coming Spink fall's auction in Singapore.
But, then, who would want to bid for these 1940's hell banknotes?

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