Saturday, January 26, 2013

Malaya 1961 Buffalo Banknote

***For whatever reason or reasons, this last winter, the prices for the British Malaya's Buffalo Banknotes have crept skywards non-stop and these days, one can no longer buy a decent looking piece for a song and even a tired & haggard looking one for the entry-class level sort of collector is no longer cheap.
Why the sudden uptick for this banknote whereby lots of them are actually available, one will never ever know because the Smart Alec collectors are the ones who are in the know and they are saying that they will buy at higher & higher still prices.
And as usual, when it comes to the topic of buying, it's always better to buy when it's high rather than buy when it's low as that's how things are as well in the stock market, in the property market, in the precious metals market & what not.
Because when one buys high, lots of others are also doing the same thing & thus, one can buy 'with confidence' & so what if one 'dies' because all others will die too; so its better to 'die' together than to 'die' alone..........
That's how things work in this world. Fuck contrarianism! Name one Smart Alec who is a true contrarian who deserves the Noble Prize!

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