Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Malaysia 1999 $100 Ali Abul Hassan CENTRE SIGNATURE

***A rather ordinary stack of 100 pieces of the RM100 note issued way, way back in year 2000.
Why would anyone want to keep these for more than 10 years as you don't need to be an Oxford graduate to know that the omnipresent inflation would eat into the value of these notes?
And furthermore, if one wants to keep these numismatically, it's better to keep the one bearing the Side-Signature, instead of these which bear the Centre-Signature.
The reason is plain simple because the RM100 notes bearing the Side-Signature are more valuable among collectors and these Centre signed are more  common.
And that's what being strongly emphasised thru the Malaysian numismatic catalogues unanimously.
All 3 fantastic & well-written catalogues indicated that the RM100 Side-Signature RM100 notes are more valuable than the Centre-Signed ones and all the current 3-headlines-making catalogues are saying the same tting, ie, the Side signed ones are more valuable than the Centre Signed ones.
They cannot all be wrong, can they. They certainly must be 1000% correct, surely. Just like someone not so famous once said, 1 billion people couldn't be wrong, could they?

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