Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Malaysia 2012 $1 ZA 0000100 Replacement

***Ever since the issuance of the Malaysian new banknotes series, there have been lots of gloating & showing-off by all & sundry of various banknotes with various form of serial numbers online, via blogs or on facebook, if one even care to notice.
Some gloated that they have a particular form of solid numbers while others gloated with banknotes bearing repeated serial numbers while the rest showed off some Replacement pieces that in their opinion are so-called 'rare.'
Well, I honestly have nothing good or rare to showcase as I have nothing good in my possession which are worthy to gloat about.
The RM1 ZA Replacement that's featured today is definitely nothing to gloat about as after all, this is a very common Replacement which one can find in abundance for sale online & offline. A piece can be bought for as low as RM3 without the tiring necessity of constant haggling.
I got this piece through a fishmonger while doing markekting at the Chow Kit Road wet market & shit, it's not even in UNC Condition, and as such, there is nothing freaking worthy to gloat about and I am not going to waste another ounce of energy writing about this shitty note.

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