Monday, September 17, 2012

Malaysia $1 Paperweight Bank Negara Money Museum

***This was all I inherited from my grandpa & to those who are always in the dark, this is an Original paperweight sold by Malaysia Central Bank's Money Museum about 10 years ago.
I said Original because there are bootleg copies being sold out there but the original ones come with a blue-colored velvet cover together with the official box which has the Central Bank's details on them.
And also, on these original paperweights, you can see the words "Muzium Matawang & Pusat Seni" on them, which are conspicuously missing on the bootleg copies.
My grandpa had class for he would never have touched pirated crap, esp. all things numismatic.
And after all, this paperweight only cost RM20 at that time & I suppose even a beggar could have own more than one as what can one buy even at that time for RM20?!

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