Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Malaysia 2016 Police Coin Card (Revisited)

***This is an item that cost, at most, RM14 to get hold of in year 2006 & which had a so-called 'Authorised  Mintage" of 20,000 pieces, a number considered 'huge' by so-called collectors, which must in a way had contributed to its then lowly open-market price.
That was then. 2 months back it was selling for RM250 & now, it has apparently hit the RM300 mark! Maybe, it will touch RM500 by the time Christmas arrives!
And where are the so-called 20,000 minted pieces now?Where the fuck have they disappeared to? 
Even with its current price costing a bomb, not many are being sold in the market in case some very Smart Alecs out there start to fart that certain 'irresponsible' dealers have been hoarding them.
That is the paradox of the current Malaysian numismatic scene as most collectors currently seem to have the knack to buy stuff at sky-high prices.
I was taught at the London School Of Economics that one should buy low & sell high. Or maybe, that's out of date & out of touch & instead, one should buy high & sell higher...
And this is where the great Datuk Thomas Crapper comes in with the evergreen saying, "Today's The Crapper, Tomorrow's The World!"
And please don't talk cock by asking me who Thomas Crapper is.
Can you just please google him if you don't know who the freaking hell he is, thankyouverymuch?!

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