Friday, June 22, 2012

Malaysia $5 Polymer Note Serial Numbers 0000001 Uncirculated

***At times, there's cause to gloat and/or to crow or both. Perhaps, the possession of this highly desirable Malaysian RM5 Polymer note is the perfect cause to gloat as after all, not many numismatic folks, if you folks so humbly wish to call yourselves, can be members of this 'exclusive club' of having this polymer banknote in their possession.
If there is a head, then, there should be a tail, or so once said a not-so-well-known noble man & as such, who is having the last Malaysian RM5 Polymer note that bears the Serial Numbers of 10000000?
Or some moronic so-called smart alec is going to shout to all of us that this note doesn't exist..........

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