Friday, February 24, 2012

Malaysia Current $1 Banknote Series Last Prefix

***As the current Malaysian banknotes series are running the end of their courses as far as printing is concerned, many collectors as well as dealers, bigtime & small-time alike, are busy trying to catch and/find out the various Last prefixes of the various denominations.
The most affordable to get hold of is obviously the RM1 deno as after all 1,000 pieces only cost RM1,000 and holding on to them for years would not involve high holding costs as compared to the RM100 series whereby 1,000 pieces would involve RM100,000, enough to buy breakfast for two for many2 years to come.
However, the million dollar question is what prefix is the freaking prefix that is the Last Prefix?
I myself am blur about this as there is no crystal ball in front of me that can give me the straightforward answer.
The best answer, unsolicited if I may add, came from a chap in Penang who told me another another chap told him so, that the Last Prefix for the current RM1 Series is AGM, yes, you got it right, AGM.
But I did NOT say that. He said THAT & he heard from ANOTHER chap who said that & I am not sure if this another chap actually heard it from another chap, and honestly, I don't really give a shit about who heard it from whom, really.
The only freaking thing I know is even if I do know what is the Last Prefix for the current RM1 series, I am not going to tell you, because in the first place I don't think you will tell me.

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