Thursday, February 9, 2012

Malaysia 1995 $500 Ahmad Don Uncirculated Banknotes

***By now, all collectors & dealers alike in Malaysia know that the $500 banknote signed by Ahmad Don is a scarce banknote, esp. in UNC Condition and more so, if found in running numbers.
But, how often has one even seen 7 fresh pieces in consecutive sequence esp in fresh UNC Condition? As such, go ahead & feast your eyes as these will never pass this way again.
Its banknotes like these that gives cause to crow and to gloat as these are international auction houses material.
Perhaps, it would be even better to send them to PMG to have them professionally graded & be returned as PMG 67 or even PMG 68 as they do indeed do qualify for such superlative standards!
Ha, ha, l'amour physique est effectivement sans issue & les rare billets sont eux aussi sans issue!

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