Friday, February 3, 2012

Malaysia 1986 $1000 Banknote Uncirculated

***A Running Pair of the Malaysian $1,000 banknote issued more than 25 years ago, many of this issue in low grades but extremely few & esp. so in consecutive sequence for the Uncirculated ones.
And with the grading professionally authenticated by well-known grading house, PMG, & furthermore designated as "EPQ", there is definitely no doubting anymore as to the grade of these 2 notes.
But even then, PMG doesn't simply overgrade and maintains its high grading standards whereby even though these 2 pieces are in sequence, both of them didn't get the same grading. That speaks highly of the high criteria PMG follows.
As such, buyers can buy at peace when buying already graded banknotes, esp. those by respected PMG as more often than not, 'raw' banknotes tend to be overgraded by their owners.


Anonymous said...

A magnificent pair indeed.
Congratz malayastraitsbanknotes :)

malayastraitsbanknotes said...

Merci, j'en suis tres heureux.