Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Malaysia 2012 $10 Solid Numbers 9999999

***The purpose of featuring this 'pair' of the soon-to-be-extinct RM10 series with the Solid Numbers of 9999999 is simply not to gloat about them or show-off, like what some folks tend to do online, but to show all those paranoid & without-grey-matter junior collectors that at times, 2 banknotes do not neccessary share the same size.
As can be conspicuously seen, one note is shorter than the other by at least an mm. Why? Don't ask me why as such an occurrence is quite common.
But lots of neophyte collectors have the paranoia-filled tendency of concluding that the 'shorter' note must have been trimmed.
To such morons, can you give 1 bloody good reason why a note like this should be or ought to have been trimmed?! And how can one trim 5 to 10 consecutive notes and get them all look alike & above all, why would one waste time & effort trimming such cheap-skate notes?
Use your grey-matter & don't just blindly follow what catalogues say sizewise; if you have nothing good to say, then, it's best you shut your trap & make less of those supposition & paranoia-filled moronic comments, thankyouverymuch.

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