Friday, October 21, 2011

Malaysia 2011 $1 ZAC Replacement Banknotes Uncirculated

***This is a consecutive pair of the RM1 ZAC Replacement banknotes which I believe were issued this year and which I have managed to buy during my recent trip down south to Singapore, while attending the recent Singapore's Monetarium auction.

As I don't have a piece of this 'rare' Replacement issue I thought acquiring them would be a good idea as after all, I was an underbidder through & through at the Monetarium Auction as my pockets weren't enough deep enough vis-a-vis the big players present there.

Yes, I felt like a squeezed anchovy all the way through.

Thus, getting these 2 notes back home was some sort like the 4D's Consolation prize, I suppose.

But the freaking question running through the back of my mind for these past several nights is will there be a ZAD Replacement, or better still, why not, a ZAE?! The more, the merrier, I suppose!

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