Monday, October 31, 2011

Malaysia 2003 Proof Set Of 3 Islamic Summit Conference (OIC)

***And from the store-room of my former dormitory mate, here comes the seldom-seen Proof Set Of 3 coins issued 8 years back commemorating the 10th Session Of The Islamic Summit Conference, with, of course, the 8.6gm Proof gold coin as its pivotal centre piece.

Apparently, only 250 boxes were issued for this set by the, then, Royal Mint Of Malaysia, and by the way, where have they all gone now as this set is now rarely seen?

Don't tell us that the delegates of the conference had taken them back to the countries where they came from!

With the recent surge in prices for everthing that is Proof & comes with a box & a cert, the open market value for this elusive Set Of 3 must also have shot up, if one were to be invited to take a wild guess....

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