Thursday, October 13, 2011

Malaysia 1986 $10 Solid Numbers 8888888 Uncirculated

***This banknote which was issued more than 20 donkey years ago is worth crowing about as it bears the ever desirable & universally popular as well as prosperous Serial Numbers of 8888888.
It's never easy to get such serial numbers from banknotes from the 'days of yore' compared to those issued these days but even recent banknotes these days with such serial numbers do not c0me cheap but put it this way, this hobby doesn't come cheap or should I say, this is not a cheap hobby.
It's quite hard to build a respectable collection if one's pocket is too shallow & ya, this, indeed, is a 'cruel hobby', as someone not so famous recently put it to yours truly.
These days, it's imperative that one buys ahead and not as an idiotic slave to what have been quoted in various numismatic catalogues, pricewise.
Why? Because these catalogues are all wrong always. Either the prices quoted are way too low or are too high.
So, you collectors need extra input, input that cannot be acquired in a day, input that cannot be bought but input that can only be acquired through & through by 'turun padang', & by also mingling with the various Pakar Numis Malaysia and there are quite a number of these Pakar Numis' around, mind you.....

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