Thursday, October 6, 2011

Malaysia 1973 1 Sen Brilliant Uncirculated

***Besides the 1976 Malaysian 1 Sen coins which were struck in 2 different metal planchets, the 1973 1 sen coins too were struck in 2 variations, ie, copper & copper-clad steel planchets, with the latter being magnet friendly.

Of course, by, now, every Tom, Dick & Harry know that the 1 Sen 1976 copper can command more than RM3 grand a piece, which means in terms of weight, this coin costs more than its weight in gold & as usual, if anything sounds too good to be true, most probably, it is!

I still prefer to stick to gold as after all, gold is forever! Of course, the fairer sex would prefer diamonds, I am told.

And of course, people can claim that there are ONLY roughly 100 pieces of this copper variation being available & but how accurate can that be?!

Even the leading Malaysian numismatic catalogue makes no reference as to its presumed quantity & never gave a reference price to this particular coin struck in copper.

If 100 pieces is something to really, really, really, really, really gloat about, what about the Malaysian commemorative proof gold coins which only had 150 pieces struck?

Shouldn't these gold coins cost more than RM8 grand a piece if a miserable 1 sen copper with a presumed quantity of 100 pieces is commanding more than RM3 grand?

After all, how much does an oz of gold costs vis-a-vis copper you tell me? Every dungu knows how much gold costs today compared to copper!

Anyway, you folks don't have to break your balls for you can own a set of these 1973 Malaysian 1 sen coins also struck in both copper & copper-clad steel in Brilliant Uncirculated condition for just a miserable RM47, postage already thrown in.
I have several sets of these 1973 ones in very sassy BU condition for sale, do contact me if you want any & you can, thus,now join the league of collectors collecting high grade Malaysian 1 sen coins!

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