Friday, September 23, 2011

Malaysia $50 Low Serial NOs 0000001 To 0000010

***A set of 10 Uncirculated pieces of the previous 12th Series RM50 banknote bearing the low serial numbers of 1 to 10, a set that was not worth gloating about just a year or two ago.
However, the price of this old set has gone up a lot lately and one no longer sees it flooding the online market and also the offline market.
And that's how things are when such numismatic stuff are available in abundance and then, suddenly disppears from the market scene & then, reappears with much higher price.
Same thing with the 1st series Parliament Series coins because a year of two from now, those Choice pieces will command ceiling-high prices.
Most collectors actually prefer to buy high, not buy low. Maybe, they are part-time stock-market punters as well as most punters buy high (& sell low) as far as the stock market is concerned.
Look at the RM20 Jaffar Hussein banknote. At RM60, people said it's expensive, now people are buying at RM120 to RM130, but then, this banknote is all ready to rise about the RM200 mark by next year, according to one rather low-profile numismatic guru.......
So, if you want to buy any Malaysian banknotes, esp, those in UNC condition, but them now, if not you will buy them at much higher prices, esp. when the new numismatic catalogues are issued.

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