Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Malaysia 1971 20 Cents Brilliant Uncirculated

***It's easier to find a s0-called 'rare' 1971 Malaysian 10 sen coin in BU condition than to find one 20 sen Malaysian coin from that same year in BU condition.

As such, which coin is scarcer, the 10 sen one or the 20 sen one? No prizes for guessing right, unless of course you are a blind follower of the various numismatic catalogues.

That's why many greenhorn collectors can never buy anything good for they are forever very sentimental about the prices of the better items, always following the various prices quoted in catalogues blindly, as if the catalogues' writers can even sell those items at those prices quoted!

Many times, banknotes & coins had to be bought at forward prices & way2 above the catalogued prices as one will never see them again.

A fine example is how much is the catalogued price for the 1976 1 sen copper vis-a-vis to what was recently done?!

You think the buyers who recently bought one at the MNS Auction for Rm3,600 & at the Singapore's Mavin auction at around Rm4,000 are dungus?

The on-the-spot decision to buy good items at prices higher than as per catalogued distinguishes the in-the-know true collectors from the many neophytes, who are still information lacking & are sentimental slaves of numismatic catalogues. These are folks who will consider the 1971 10 sen coin in BU condition as rare...

The 1971 20 sen in BU condition featured here today was bought from a famous Pakar Numis Malaysia many2 years back at the, then, princely sum of RM80.

It's worth all the golden toned patina that this coin exhibits, something that must have taken years to produce.

And you all can have all the 'rare' BU 1971 10 sen coins if you want to! How many do you want?


Anonymous said...

Another top grade specimen indeed.
Congratz malayastraitsbanknotes :)

Dickson Niew said...

Kuat 'Kejar' parliament coins!!

malayastraitsbanknotes said...

Guys, I bought this from esteemed Pakar Numis Malaysia, Tony Lye, a few years back.

The coin looks very, very much better than as depicted in the pictures as it has a very peculiar golden tone lustre.