Sunday, September 18, 2011

Malaysia 1967 50 Cents Uncirculated

***A 50 Cents Malaysian coin issued way way back in 1967 in Uncirculated condition.

A coin that's definitely nothing to crow about but yet there is something to crow about as this particular coin is in Uncirculated condition, something one doesn't easily find for this particular coin these days as tonnes of them for sale online are in VG to Fine grades the most.

This particular coin has a very nice golden patina tone on it, something that takes years & years to be produced naturally by the coin itself.

With new Malaysian coins to be issued soon to replace the current Hibiscus series, this 1st issue Parliament series will be things to be crowed about in time to come for Malaysian collectors, esp. those selective ones in top grade.

For those who are interested, this coin is for sale at RM130, postage included. For interested buyers outside Malaysia, please contact my secretary for more details.


Dickson Niew said...

Ada dapat hasil juga!!haha!

malayastraitsbanknotes said...

是的,我在 Amcorp Mall 买的.一个22块.我买七个.