Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Malaya 1942 $1,000

***Among the positive vestiges left by the colonialisation of Malaya by the British must be the various banknotes printed for use in the then British Malaya & among many, one of those that stood out & continue to stand out will be the so-called King Of The Kings, the $1,000 banknote dated 1942 with the vignette of KGVI.

How many pieces of this note actually still exist today? Some said there are 30 pieces & some said there are 50 but who cares about all these coffee-shop talk?

How many of you in Malaysia have actually seen this banknote, held it, gawked at it and wishing at that moment to have something that you can't even dream of dreaming?

For those who have this gigantic piece of numismatic history, they fall into the so-called exclusive gloating club for they can crow & crow about this King Of The Kings & for the rest, having this note is just a fantasy play, it's no different compared to your childhood fantasy of lusting over your local newly crowned beauty queen.

And the best part with this particular piece of banknote is that even in the World Headquarters For Banknotes Washing & Pressing, the many numismatic scums based there do not bother to chemically clean & wash this banknote for I suppose they still do possess a little bit of gray matter inside their thick skulls.

These scums who can never stop chemically cleaning low grade notes & then, selling them at 'higher grades' are actually contributing towards the killing of this hobby, but, by now, many folks know the modus operandi of these numismatic scums and even a 6-yr-old kid can give you the correct answer if you were to ask him where the World Headquarters Of The Banknotes Washing & Pressing is located at?


Dickson Niew said...

If you answer it right,you will win a lion soft toy made in China!

malayastraitsbanknotes said...

Hear! Hear!

Clement said...

Well spoken, we should publish the names of these scumbags!

malayastraitsbanknotes said...

I guess, by now, everyone knows who these numismatic pariahs are.

The list is just too, too long, I suppose.