Monday, May 30, 2011

Malaysia 1985 $10 FIRST PREFIX 'PA'

***Several years back I strated on a personal journey to collect all the prefixes issued for the 5th Series Malaysian $10 banknote, which started from the prefix of PA right up to the Last Prefix of PQ.

Initially, I thought that it was a piece of cake trying to assemble this entire series but along the way, I realised that it was never easy to get hold of every single prefix of the note in Choice UNC condition.

I realised that most notes from this series are prone to foxing and premature ageing and many had counting marks and/or dirty and rounded corners, which are definitely a No No as far as I am concerned.

Then, the only note that has finally eluded me for this series was the First Prefix of PA. I never managed to find one in choice proper uncirculated condition. Even if they were in so-called UNC condition, they had counting marks, or had light stains or their 4 corners just weren't sharp enough.

But I have finally found the perfect 10 PA prefixed piece which had to come all the way from New York! I wonder how this note ended up in New York in the first place!

And now, I can, finally, gloat that I have the complete set of this 5th Series $10 issue and all the notes from PA to PQ are in perfect Choice UNC condition.

How many of you out there can actually gloat that you, too, have a similar set? And please, perfect UNC ones, I mean, not those soiled or so-called amateurishly-graded-and-masquerading-as-EF/AU types......

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