Friday, April 1, 2011

Straits Settlements 1899 10 Cents Coin Cud Error

*** This is an unusual cud error 10 cents coin dated 1899 from The Straits Settlements.

A cud is, of course, the surface area that has been damaged & which resembles a blob.

However, the real question is, obviously, at least, to yours truly, is this a real error coin or it's a man-made one?

I got this coin from a pile that I bought and I only paid 1 Yankee Dollar for this coin - I obviously didn't purchase this coin as an error coin at a high premium. I am wondering if there's any error coin expert out there who could enlighten me if I am holding an error or a make-believe one as I am really a neophyte when it comes to trying to figure out a bona fide or fake error coin from the Straits Settlements' era.


Dickson Niew said...

Please do a simple test,weight the coin.Anything more than 2.71gm is an assisted errors or soldered with something.

malayastraitsbanknotes said...

Thanks for your input.

Thena is going to having a look at this coin tomorrow (Sunday)and see if it's a fake or otherwise.

And will get it weighed at Raymond's place next week.

nuchatter said...

A cud can be authenticated by looking at the opposite corresponding side of the coin for obvious weak strike and the same metal analysis. The T, L and some denticles appeared weakened on the reverse. A blob can be welded but not a weak strike. Impractical to weigh it if a purchasing decision has to be made on the spot. Weighing of course further enhance its authentication.
Your coin here is a very nice major die break (cud) as long as the coin is genuine.

malayastraitsbanknotes said...

According to Thena, the President of the MNS, & who I consider as a guru as far as coins are concerned, that 'blob' has soldered on the coin.