Saturday, May 6, 2017

P43d 50 Ringgit Solid Numbers JJ3333333 Malaysia

A one year hiatus in far flung Timbuktu mining salt is not what every ordinary mortal could do but lookee, it has been done but of course, it's no cause for extreme gloating, but there's no harm for some slight gloatable laughs.

A 50 Ringgit banknote with the rather gloatable Solid Numbers of 3 & the double prefix of JJ & this note has made itself way back all the way from the very buoyant numismatic scene in Timbuktu.

Is this a so-called Super Solid banknote that some 'experts' have labelled such notes as such? Is this a gloatable banknote worth having a slot in one's cramped album? Yours truly the evergreen neophyte would be glad for some learned enlightenment from the learned gentle folks out there!

But what is sure gloatable is that it has been properly & professionally graded as a 68 out of a max score of 70 by none other than highly respected American numismatics experts, PCGS Currency.

How many 11th Series Malaysian 50 Ringgit Solid Numbers banknotes have been graded as 68, how many??? 68 is already almost perfect 10, yes, a Bo Dereklike perfect 10 & as such, there is cause for a numismatic gloat if one so desires to gloat...

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