Thursday, May 5, 2016

1st March, 1921, 50 Cents British North Borneo

A big piece of uniface numismatic paper measuring 173mm X 90mm from the now defunct state which called itself The British North Borneo Company issued almost 100 long years ago.

And there's nothing to crow about as the grade of this old numismatic paper is only About Very Good to Very Good & as such, it doesn't meet the strict criteria to appear in the PMG's highly respected Population Report as after all, an About VG grade is considered quite low of the low if one were to refer to the much used & well respected Sheldon 70 scale.

There's no doubt that some very discreet and down to earth low profile Sifu has this particular note in UNC Condition, but, as usual, such low profile individuals would like to keep things as low profile as possible as after all, one doesn't get princely paid for being so-called high profile or whatever that means.......