Wednesday, April 6, 2016

ZB 0001733 RM1 Replacement PMG 65 EPQ Malaysia

It's amazing what 3 years can do to turn an ordinary banknote into something scarce & of course, the Malaysian RM1 ZB Polymer Replacement is the current star of the Malaysian numismatics' universe.

A UNC piece 3 years ago was considered very expensive then, but a miserable well-circulated VF piece today that's being sold at a crazy price is considered cheap.

But of course the piece herein featured is nothing much to trumpet about after all, despite it's polymer in nature, and as such its perfectness, its pristineness & its UNCness, are never in question but it's still only got a lowly PMG 65 score from leading banknotes' grader of the world, PMG. And for a polymer note to get 65 is considered not good as polymer is perfect, as good as a Bo Dereklike perfect 10, but nonetheless it got a 65.

Had it got a PMG 68 or PMG 69 like it's currently en vogue in the Malaysian numismatic world, surely, it could have secured a place in this coming fall's Spink auction in Singapore and possibly, or rather most probably, could have created a new record of sorts for the price chartered, as the note is not as rare as its grade itself, namely, the all-desired & yearned-for PMG 69 or even PMG 70*!

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