Saturday, February 6, 2016

P.55 BE Last Prefix 100 Ringgit Malaysia

With regards to the current non-stop speculation about the respective Last Prefixes of the current Malaysian banknotes, apparently, grapevine has confirmed strongly that the Last Prefix for the RM100 series is none other than the Prefix of BE.

In fact, many numismatic dealers in Kuala Lumpur are already hoarding these BE notes as they know they will be very valuable in the foreseeable future as the Last Prefix always carries a hefty premium as far as Malaysian banknotes are concerned.

No wonder, it's so freaking hard to even find a piece of this RM100 BE prefixed banknote as news travels fast & the BE notes are being hoarded by these intellectual numismatics dealers who are now only always in the know but who also have very, very deep pockets.....