Sunday, January 10, 2016

P.3a 1967 10 Ringgit Malaysia PMG 68 EPQ

An almost 50-year-old obsolete numismatic paper but still virginlike, fresh from the press with bright, striking hues & immaculate preservation thru all these years & deservingly graded by esteemed Third Party Grader, PMG, as PMG 68 EPQ, just 3 marks away from a Bo Derek-like perfect score of Perfect 10.

With a score of PMG 68, it sits at the top of he Population Report unchallenged for this issue & it's very doubtful if there will be another from this same series being graded higher as it's doubtful that another similar note could have been so well preserved for so long.

3 long bows to that old chap who has kept this numismatic paper so well preserved through all these donkey years....

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