Thursday, January 7, 2016

P.35 1995 5 Ringgit NZ Replacement Malaysia PMG 67

A 5 Ringgit Replacement with the Prefix of NZ which has been deservingly authenticated & graded by world renown independent 3rd party obsolete papermoney grader, PMG, with a rather respectable score of PMG 67, which is just 3 points away from the perfect 10 score of PMG 70.

However, this obsolete numismatic paper was the one very commonly printed by Thomas De La Rue as there is another similar note but which was printed by Canadian Banknote Co, which is actually the all-desired very much sought-after one as this is the scarce one as this is the only obsolete Malaysian numismatic papermoney printed by a Canadian printer & as such, it's very rare as far the printer is concerned.....

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