Saturday, January 30, 2016

P.39 One Ringgit 10 Millionth Note 10,000,000 Malaysia PMG 68 EPQ

It's certainly nothing but pure wonkish hogwash to say that esteemed & leading third party numismatic paper grader, PMG, does not grade Malaysian banknotes bearing the 10 Millionth Serial Number.

That's not true as can be hereinattested as 2 copies of such notes with 2 different fonts have been very, very recently properly & professionally graded by PMG, with one piece even given a pedestal-high grade of PMG 68, which is a sky-high score for a 10 millionth note of this series, certainly an ONLY piece with such a score & most certainly will remain so until the end of time.

The second piece with a different font variety also was professionally & properly checked & graded by PMG & was given a rather respectable score of PMG 66 & there's no shame in getting a 66 score certainly as it's not every Sunday that one gets a 68 score & of course, when one gets a 68 score or higher, there's no shame to indulge in some self-gloating as after all, there's a cause to indulge, there's a cause to gloat.

A picture paints a thousand words, so a famous chap once said & the duly PMG graded notes here proof that Malaysian 1 Ringgit notes from the P.39 series with the serial numbers of 10,000,000 are gradeable by PMG and as such, don't hesitate to send such similar banknotes to be graded & in one shot to be for posterity encapsulated so that such notes can be for posterity protected in PMG's high quality Mylar encapsulation.

Sunday, January 10, 2016

P.3a 1967 10 Ringgit Malaysia PMG 68 EPQ

An almost 50-year-old obsolete numismatic paper but still virginlike, fresh from the press with bright, striking hues & immaculate preservation thru all these years & deservingly graded by esteemed Third Party Grader, PMG, as PMG 68 EPQ, just 3 marks away from a Bo Derek-like perfect score of Perfect 10.

With a score of PMG 68, it sits at the top of he Population Report unchallenged for this issue & it's very doubtful if there will be another from this same series being graded higher as it's doubtful that another similar note could have been so well preserved for so long.

3 long bows to that old chap who has kept this numismatic paper so well preserved through all these donkey years....

Thursday, January 7, 2016

P.35 1995 5 Ringgit NZ Replacement Malaysia PMG 67

A 5 Ringgit Replacement with the Prefix of NZ which has been deservingly authenticated & graded by world renown independent 3rd party obsolete papermoney grader, PMG, with a rather respectable score of PMG 67, which is just 3 points away from the perfect 10 score of PMG 70.

However, this obsolete numismatic paper was the one very commonly printed by Thomas De La Rue as there is another similar note but which was printed by Canadian Banknote Co, which is actually the all-desired very much sought-after one as this is the scarce one as this is the only obsolete Malaysian numismatic papermoney printed by a Canadian printer & as such, it's very rare as far the printer is concerned.....