Tuesday, December 29, 2015

P.15a 1981 10 Ringgit Malaysia PMG 68 EPQ

A 10 Ringgit banknote issued way, way back 35 years ago but in excellent, pristine & virgin-like condition, very fresh from the printer-like, with vibrant red hue & snow-white-like white borders.

But sadly, it only got a grade of PMG 68 even though conditionwise, it looks virgin-like, untouched & unsoiled & smells like the yet unsmelled just bloomed roses & everyone & anyone who have seen this note agree that it truly deserves a PMG 70 score & if there were to be a PMG 80 score, it truly do deserves that very superlative score as this is truly a Bo Derek-like Perfect 10 hottie banknote....

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