Sunday, November 29, 2015

ZB Replacement 5 Ringgit Polymer Note Malaysia

A stack of 100 Running Pieces of the new 5 Ringgit Replacement with the Prefix of ZB, which has been superceded by the ZC & soon by the ZD, which, based on unreliable grapevine will be coming out during this Christmas holiday season.

With so many various Replacement Prefixes, which actually will be the so-called rare one among the many self-proclaimed numismatists?

According to the again unreliable grapevine, apparently, the one bearing the ZC Prefix is the rare one as we very seldom see it these days in the market as market has it that not many were printed & those that were found are being 'hoarded' to be unloaded at some opportune time later at sky-high prices.

As such, the ZB Prefix is just another overprinted Prefix which will be one's folly if one were to park one's cash in it at high prices.

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