Tuesday, November 10, 2015

P.9a 1961 10 Dollars Malaya British Borneo Normal Buffalo Note

A banknote from the days of yore, whose age is much, much older than many so-called 'numismatists' of today but this is just another very common banknote from British Malaya & was issued towards the end of the British Empire in Malaya.

And as what it has been always been, there is nothing to shout about about this note as conditionwise, it's nothing to gloat about as it's only About Very Fine only, almost Very Fine but just not about there yet. 

Gloatable will be its age, which is more than half a century old & may, may this note last a thousand more years in its current state!

And if it carries the Prefix of A/1, then, there is at least a strand of gloat to gloat about as after all, A/1 represents the very First Prefix of this series and apparently, many so-called 'numismatists' of today treasure the First Prefixes as apparently everyone, including so-called 'numismatists' love to be NO.1, love to hog the NO.1 position, sozusagen! Or if one can't get the First Prefix, then, one wouldn't mind settling for the Last Prefix which is B/6, so a Prefix like A/81 which is lost somewhere in the middle is just another very ordinary brick in the wall, si tu comprends ce que je veux dire, tout le monde la-bas. Et toi, la-bas, tous mes lecteurs francophones, tu sais tres bien que je t'aime!

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