Wednesday, November 4, 2015

P.32A 1992 100 Ringgit Malaysia Error INK SPILLAGE

Another P.32A 100 Ringgit papermoney from Malaysia with a dramatic 'Ink Spillage' error on the Obverse & this time, all the doubting Thomases & the Senior self-acclaimed 'numismatists' agree that this is a bona-fide error that doesn't necessite a third party intervention in the of form PMG to proclaim that this is a genuine error.

The nodding of heads by the doubting Thomases as such has given this piece of numismatic papermoney some form of immortality, matched only perhaps by The Greatest Leader of the entire mankind, Kim Il Sung's immortal Encyclopedia Of The Immortal Juche Idea, perhaps.

Perhaps, a humongous bronze statue in the form of this banknote should be considered & which should not be considered as a numismatic overkill, after all, in the name of immortality, size does matters!

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