Wednesday, October 28, 2015

P.32A 1992 100 Ringgit GHOST IMAGE ERROR Malaysia

An unusual & rather dramatic Ghost Image error with the Reverse design invertedly printed on the Obverse for this 23-year-old piece of numismatic paper, which one thought is impossible or unimaginable to be conceived at the printing mint, but conceived it did, & seen the light of the day, it did too.

But many, many self-anointed numismatic sifus or rather numismatic masters in Malaysia claimed that this is not a genuine error note & that it's a man-made error, and to whoever that man is, let's bow before him & salute him & him & him only for being such a genius for we have not seen a similar genius since Herr Einstein, for what a wonderful farking good job he or she has done numismatically.

And as such, the best 'arbitrator' for this will be PMG, yes, Paper Money Guaranty, & this is where PMG's expert expertise comes in for they are, indeed, the true unndisputed experts in the world of papermoney & to be exact, the world of papermoney grading, separating the bona-fides from the make-believes & distinguishing the gems from the rags. 

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