Wednesday, October 28, 2015

P.32A 1992 100 Ringgit GHOST IMAGE ERROR Malaysia

An unusual & rather dramatic Ghost Image error with the Reverse design invertedly printed on the Obverse for this 23-year-old piece of numismatic paper, which one thought is impossible or unimaginable to be conceived at the printing mint, but conceived it did, & seen the light of the day, it did too.

But many, many self-anointed numismatic sifus or rather numismatic masters in Malaysia claimed that this is not a genuine error note & that it's a man-made error, and to whoever that man is, let's bow before him & salute him & him & him only for being such a genius for we have not seen a similar genius since Herr Einstein, for what a wonderful farking good job he or she has done numismatically.

And as such, the best 'arbitrator' for this will be PMG, yes, Paper Money Guaranty, & this is where PMG's expert expertise comes in for they are, indeed, the true unndisputed experts in the world of papermoney & to be exact, the world of papermoney grading, separating the bona-fides from the make-believes & distinguishing the gems from the rags. 

Saturday, October 24, 2015

P46 2011 Malaysia 10 Ringgit Solid NUmber 4444444 PMG 68

A piece of old 10 Ringgit note from Malaysia with the very prosperous & fortune-bringing very solid Solid Numbers of 4444444, the number that everyone wants numismatically & which, world renowned banknotes grader, PMG, has seen fit to grade it as PMG 68, which of course, is 2 points offcourse from the numismatically orgasmic apex score of 70.

Of course, this Perfect 10 shaped note should have got PMG 70 but PMG is a very conservative when it comes to grading & conservative in this aspect means quality, standard, credibility & respectibility & those are things no papermoney can buy.

Friday, October 9, 2015

P46 2011 10 Ringgit Ladder 1234567 Malaysia PMG 68

A 10 Ringgit Malaysian banknote that has been professionally & properly graded by PMG with the score of 68, a score that's not gloatable obviously as only a score of 70 is worth gloating about in the perfect & immaculate world of numismatics, which means not 3rd best, not 2nd best but the best of the best.

Many notes have already got the score of PMG 70 these days if one cares to google & find out & even some which have been graded 70 are from Malaysia, which is not surprising, considering the high standard as well as perfect quality control all Malaysian notes undergo. Of course, the now superlative score to achieve would be PMG 70++.

Saturday, October 3, 2015

Malaysia 1 & 100 Ringgit Solid NO.9999999

2 pieces of the RM1 & RM100 Malaysian note from 2 different series but with the same prefix & number & of course, this is of no cause to shout about as with the hundreds of prefixes printed, there could be thousands of such sets available.

And Solid number 9 is not too a desirable number as number 8 is the one that everyone wants & if the devil is your best friend, solid 6 could be a desirable number & of course, there is an elite group of numismatists who only collect solid 4. Another group of numismatists only want to collect solid 0 apparently if the strong gyrations of the numismatic grapevine is to be believed.