Wednesday, August 5, 2015

P49 Year 2012 50 Ringgit AAA 0000015 Malaysia

A 50 Ringgit note with an unusual triple-alphabeted Prefix of AAA but with a rather ordinary serial numbers of 0000015, which is a NO, NO, NO numismatically, cos in the world of numismatikspeak, folks would prefer serial numbers like 0000008 or even 0000018 or 0008888 or better still, the rock solid 8888888 after all, these are the type of numbers which are en vogue among many so-called numismatists....

But of course, at times or rather, at most times, we have to make the best of everything, eg, if you are not a millionaire (yet), just make the best of life and live and let live, but, once you are a billionaire, ya, go ahead and get your Gulfstream, get a unit at the Trump Towers and yes, go ahead and get a third wife & why not?!

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