Thursday, August 20, 2015

P44 Year 2011 100 Ringgit ZE Replacement Malaysia

This was a note that was purchased from Malaysia's world famous flea market & of course, which is none other than the Amcorp Mall weekend flea market that seems to be able to get people from all over the world to visit it without fail, rain or shine, during every weekend, 24/7.

And this banknote was purchased from the most senior & oldest banknote dealer at Amcorp Mall during last weekend's banknotes hunting session which was a very successful one cos there were many extremely rare & unusual banknotes from British Malaya & Malaysia being put up for sale there as apparently some dealer is retiring for good & wished to unload as many good stuff as possible at the lowest fraternal prices & of course, where else can one get such bargains except at Malaysia's most famous flea market, of course!

But sadly, this banknote was not in UNC condition as it is only About EF condition to an ordinary neophyte collector. Of course, some smart alec has suggested the possibility of sending this banknote to PMG to be independently & very professionally graded but, honestly, take a freaking good look, what's the point as it's only About EF gradewise & that too from the grading scale of a non 'professional grader' & with the high benchmark & standard & reputation already set by PMG, this banknote might just barely get a VF 35 grade & of course, one can forget about even getting that freaking 3-letter EPQ word on it

By the way, is it possible to perhaps have this banknote ironed or pressed a bit, so that perhaps, it can look as if it is in About Uncirculated condition or even better? welcome?!

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