Saturday, August 22, 2015

P34A 1995 1000 Ringgit ZY Last Prefix Malaysia

These are the common 1000 Ringgit notes issued in the 90s & signed by the previous, previous Governor & these bear the Last Prefix of ZY.

In all, this series had 3 Prefixes issued altogether, which is the most compared to other earlier 1000 Ringgit issues, & the Prefixes issued were ZA, ZB & ZY & of course, ZA was the all-important & desired First Prefix & which is commanding the highest price in the obsolete papermoney world.

ZA is always the highly desired & chosen one as it's the First Prefix of all Prefixes and most discerning self-anointed Malaysian numismatists would want the First Prefixed notes in their albums while not giving any hoot to the 2nd or Last Prefixes cos everyone seems to want to be first in life, so it seems.

Of course, these 1000 Ringgit bills have long since been demonetized and it's also good that this was done as it rather cumbersome to go shopping or for an outing carrying these big deno notes as it's ludicrous to pay for a cup of coffee using such a note as you would most probably be effed off for having done so. 

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